yďnandoiẓe sagy
Pronunciation /əð.'nan.doj.ʐe 'sa.gə/
Period ca. 200AK - present
Spoken in Ythnandovi, Ydtobogȧn Peninsula, Amalan
Total speakers Unknown
Writing system Ozdeghi
Classification Iruic Kauzasian, Ydtobogȧntiaky
Basic word order VOS
Morphology Fusional
Alignment ergative-absolutive
Created by Sḿtuval

Ythnandosian is the first language to split off from its predecessor, Kauzasian. It is the only Kauzasian language that dropped or changed all instances of /h/ and is also the only one to retain grammatical gender. Ythnandosian is the only Kauzasian language to have not been influenced by other language families, though some of the foreign influence to other Kauzasian languages has trickled down into Ythnandosian. Due to this, Ythnandosian is known as "True Kauzasian" by some of its speakers as it has not been tarnished by foreign influence.