The Western Ulitan languages are languages belonging to the Ulitan language family.

It is thought that all western Ulitan languages were derived from a common ancestor called Proto-Western-Ulitan.

Except for languages of the Great Delta branch, most Western Ulitan languages have use the marked-nominative alignment.

Being contacted with Tiledem speakers and Amutetikam speakers intensively, Western Ulitan languages are influenced by the Tiledem languages and Amutetikam languages.

Among Ulitan-speaking peoples, peoples speaking Western Ulitan languages were the first Ulitan-speaking peoples to have agriculture, and it seems that the agricultural technologies were from the extinct Kapa peoples and Garric peoples.


Distribution of West Ulitan

Distribution of Western Ulitan languages circa 2000 AK

Influence from other languagesEdit

It is thought that many terms related to animal husbandry in Western Ulitan languages were borrowed from the extinct Kapa languages, as Western Ulitan languages lives on the land where the Kapa peoples once lived, and these terms differ from terms used in all other Ulitan languages. some suspected examples are listed below:

  • Proto Westren Ulitan *kamumu "cow"
  • Proto Westren Ulitan *kahamham "horse"
  • Proto Westren Ulitan *kaba "goat"
  • Proto Westren Ulitan *kamep "sheep"
  • Proto Westren Ulitan *tapang "table"
  • Proto Western Ulitan *nates "tent"