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Proto-Umbric and Pre-Proto-Umbric Urheimat on the planet Teres, approx. 8,000 BK

The Umbric languages are spoken in a mediterranean region (in the center of the Teles map, a bit more south).

The Umbric languages have been inspired by Proto-Indo-European and the Italic language family.

Pronunciation Unknown
Geographic distribution -
Linguistic classification One of Teles' major language families
Proto Language Proto-Umbric
Subdivisions Northern Umbric

Southern Umbric

Created by Egerius


  • Proto-Umbric (Proto-Avesto-Umbric)
    • Avesto-Umbric
      • Northern Umbric
        • Old Ferzican
          • Classic Ferzican
          • Vulgar Ferzican
      • Southern Umbric
        • Old Umbriscan
          • Classical Umbriscan
          • Vulgar Umbriscan

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