Languages on Ular

Languages on Ular about 1000BK. Black = Latian Language(s) Red: Les-Ular White: La5-Ular Green: Ohters


The Ular Languages (named after the name which the Latians gave the continent on which Ular was spoken) are a small language family spoken on the continent of Ular. As the vocabulary has few ancestral words, it's the grammar which specializes the Ular Languages:

All Ular languages are Verb-Last-Languages (SOV or OSV) which are strongly isolating, and most of them are tonal.


  • Proto-Ular
    • Early Ular
      • Old High Ular
        • Ulatian
        • Origin Ular
        • Southern Ular language (Working title)
    • Ŋaŋatau


The first known subdivision went on about 2000-1000 BK, as in the North of Ular Island the Latians made some colonies. Due to areal contact, the North Ular Dialects took some phones from the "superior" Latian Language, especially the open vocals and the fricatives. Also, they took lots of leaning words, and on the people's tribunal 1243 the Ular noticed that North and South Ular speakers couldn't communicate at all any more. The languages are, until they have a real name, called after their word for "good":

La5: South-Ular word for good.

Les (no tone anymore): The same root, but with the Latian phones [e] and [s]