Ular on the Teles map (red marked)

Ular on the Teles World Map.

Ular (from the Proto-Ular word u4lar2, original our land) is one of the smaller continents of Tales. It's located between Amalan and the Nautlic Islands.


Ular consists of very high mountains in the middle, where the Four Rivers have their sources, and a flatland which tropical climate and primeval forest around it.


The continent is said to be the urheimat of the Ular people and about hundreds of very small aboriginal tribes All of these people must have gone into the land about 70,000-100,000 BK, as there was a land bridge between Ular Continent and the Amalan. Around 2500BK, the Latian imperials had been the first foreigners to reach the Island for about 50,000 years.