Pronunciation Unknown
Geographic distribution
Linguistic classification One of Teles' major language families
Proto Language Proto-Taic
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The Taic language family (named for the noun meaning "speech" in many Taic languages, derived from Proto-Taic *Tahaj) is one of Teles' primary language families, it is spoken in the Great Desert and the Great Highland of North Avesta and has no demonstrable genetic relation with nearby languages.

There are two major branches of the Taic Languages: the Low Taic Languages and the high Taic Languages. The Low Taic Languages are primary spoken in the Great Desert; while the High Taic Languages are mainly spoken in the Great Plateau area and the mountainous area surronding the Great Plateau.

The Taic languages are archetypically characterized by relatively small consonant and vowel inventories, a lack of phonemic voicing distinctions, a relatively high frequency of glottal stops and/or glottalized consonants, verb-initial syntax, a propensity for deriving nouns and verbs from the same underlying roots, and a large and complex inventory of grammatical particles, which have in some languages fused with content words to form polysynthetic inflectional systems. The Low Taic languages in particular are unusual in their use of vowel alternations as the sole inflectional markers in their otherwise analytic grammars.

Its reconstructed most recent common ancestor of the Taic languages is called Proto-Taic.


Below are the primary branches of the Taic language family:

  • Low Taic languages