This article describes the sound changes from Proto-Nautli to Ancient Dane. The stages are named for the most distinguishable sound changes taking place in that time.

Emergence of Fixed Penultimate Stress Edit

σ → σ́  /_σ#

Pharyngealization of Vowels Edit

{i u ɪ ʊ e o ɛ ɔ} → {e o ɛ ɔ a a ɐ ɐ}/σ́ _]Cˤ
{i u ɪ ʊ e o ɛ ɔ} → ə /Cˤ
ɮ → d͡ɮ

Expanding of Stressed Vowels and Centralization of Unstressed Lax VowelsEdit

{ɛ ɔ} → {æ ɒ} / σ́ _]
{i u} → {e͡i o͡u}
{ɛ ɔ ɐ} → ə /σ̀_]
{ɪ ʊ} → ɨ /σ̀_]
d͡ɮ → d

Loss of Pharyngealization in Cosonants Edit

Cˤ → C
{ʕ ʕʷ} → {∅ w}

Diphthongization of High Tense Vowels and Raising of Tense Mid Vowels Edit

d → ɾ 
ɨ → ə
{e͡i o͡u} → {a͡i a͡u}
{e o} → {i u}
{æ ɒ} → a
{s ʂ} → h/_#

Schwa Deletion Edit

ə → ∅/Non-Glottal_Non-lateral-Approximant 
ə → ∅/Non-lateral-Approximant_Non-Glottal
{s ʂ} → h/V_V

Labialization of Consonants and Retroflexation of Alveolar Consonants Edit

Cw → Cʷ 
wC → Cʷ
ɻC → C˞
Cɻ → C˞
{t˞ n˞ s˞ ɾ˞ l˞} → {ʈ ɳ ʂ ɽ ɭ}
C˞ → C
{ʂ s} → h/V_C

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