Samanga(/samaŋga/) is the seed of a monocot plant called the "Samanga plant". It is a food grain of Teles that developed south shore of the Kazugaza lake in Amutet.

The samanga plant is an annual plant. On average, it grows to 100 centimeters in height. The samanga is about 2 centimeters.

Domestication and Spread Edit

It is thought that the samanga plant was first domesticated by the Zempachi people in about 7500 BK or earlier, since then it has become an important farm crop of the Teles world. The Songke people may have traded it southwards towards the Akuris, who then selected new varieties by 2000 BK. Another possibility is that the Zempachi people were more widespread during that time, and directly traded samanga with the Akuri. From the Songke people, it spread to east and south Amalan. The samanga plant was probably first introduced to Amalan by Gigxkpoyan-speaking fishers and merchants.

Wild varieties of samanga are edible, and may have provided pre-agricultural sustenance in several places.