Aiks (Aiss) Sóledá

Pronunciation [sóledáʔ]
Period 6500/5600
Spoken in Nautli Islands
Total speakers 140.000
Writing system Latin alphabet
Classification Fluatian languages
Basic word order there is no subject, no object, no verb
Morphology agglutinating
Alignment semantic
Created by vyndesskays



The Classical Aiok inventory was reduced to very few consonants.

bilabial dental lateral velar glottal
Plosives p d, t tl k '
Sonorants m n l ng
Fricatives s h


front back
high i ī,í, ĩ o, ō, ó, õ
mid/low e, ē, é, ẽ a, ā, á, ã
Aiok nuclei Sóledá' nuclei
a: ea ja wa: ā e i ō
á: ã é í ó
ai ei ì ai á é i á
à: ò ā e i o
á e je oe á e ī o
ae: e: je: we: ā ē ī ó
áj é: á ĩ ó
áo è: a ē ī o
aja eja ì: oja ã ī õ
aje é ie oje ã é ī õ
aji éi i: ói á é ī õ
ajo ejo í: o ā ē ĩ o
à è jo ò: a e i ō
a e i ó a e i ó
ài èi í ó: a e í õ
ào èo o: a ē i ō

Morphology and Syntax Edit

As mentioned by the profecy in April 28 at the Aiok's page "One daughter will merge the wrong entities, and this will open pandora's box. The other will merge the same entities and produce a greater entity."

Well, the first daughter is Sóledá'. The problem with Sóledá' morphosyntax is that the two-predicate clausal structure of Aiok hasn't collapsed and rendered a single clausal nucleus like it is the case in Itka,

but instead refused to univerbate the two predicates and those, weakening in history, had to lean against their other neighbours, the nouns.

So for example,

niaad-seeen      l-kiait            aookiii/ niaad l-kiait seeen aookiii def.pst.nvsbl-human fish 

'Some human fished the fish and the fish vanished = the human fished the fish.
ni-l-ki' sē-l-ki 
eatative-ind.pst vanitive-ind.pst-fish 
Some man ate the fish.

The verb just shows up as some strange form of case, which is always semantic and part of the verbal lexicon.