Proto North Akuriga is a language that developed from Proto-Akuriga.

Early North Akuriga
Pronunciation Unknown
Period 3400 BK - 2400 BK
Spoken in Akur
Total speakers 30,000 at 2700 BK, 0 by 0 AK
Writing system None
Classification Akuriga Languages
Basic word order Unknown
Morphology Unknown
Alignment Unknown
Created by qwed117

It was mainly spoken to the North West of the original Urheimat on the easternmost part of the Argelian Peninsula.

During the time period over which North Akuriga developed, warlords and chieftans ruled this area. They would extract tributes from other tribes who wandered into their way.

List of Diachronic Changes Edit

Various Diachronics Changes happened over this time period to create a new language. The most important (and resultantly most symbolic of the family) diachronic change was the Kritha's law.

Kritha's Law Edit

Kritha's Law was essentially a Telesian variant of Grimm's Law. Grimm's Law occured in the Germanic languages and devoiced all voiced plosives and fricated all unvoiced plosives. This means that




In Akuriga, this occurs at the beginning of a word, and when a plosive is preceded by a vowel. It also leads to the devoicing of voiced plosives and affricates in the same location. This law is considered the beginning of Proto-North Akurigan