Phonology Edit

Sound changes from Proto-Arhoan Edit

  • strengthenning intervocalic and post-sonorant lenition - phonemization of voiced consonants from allophones (plosives and fricatives)

p t k → b d g
f s → v z

  • ɾ → l
  • palatalization of dental and velar plosives and sibilant fricatives by front vowels and j:

/t(j)/ → /t͡s/
/d(j)/ → d͡z/
/k(j)/ → /t͡ʃ/
/g(j)/ → /d͡ʒ/
/s(j)/ → /ʃ/
/z(j)/ → /ʒ/

  • original /h/ preserved
  • diphthongs preserved
  • /ʋ/ shifted to /v/
  • /ɨ ɨː/ lowered to /ə əː/
  • /ɔ ä/ merged into /ɒ/
  • /ɛ äː/ merged into /æ(ː)/

Phonemic inventory Edit

Consonants Edit

Labial Labiodental Dental Postalveolar Palatal Velar Glottal
Nasal *m m

*n n

Plosive *p b p b

*t d t d

*k g k g

Affricate *t͡s d͡z c dz *t͡ʃ d͡ʒ č dž

*f v f v *s z s z *ʃ ʒ š ž

*h h

*l l

*j j

Vowels Edit

Front Central Back
High *i *i: i í *u *u: u ú
Mid *e *e: e é

*ə əː y ý

*o *o: o ó

*æ æː æ ǽ

*ɒ ɒː a á

Diphthongs Edit

Front Central Back


ei oi æi ɒi eu ou æu ɒu
ɴid oe ɒe eo ɒo
Low ɒæ æɒ

Phonotactics Edit


C = a consonant

V = a vowel

Accent Edit

High pitch on first syllable of word.

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