Proto-Flautian is the suspected proto-language where all Fluati languages consist of. The name "Fluatian" derives from the verb *ɬ-paoid 'to speak', which turned to fɬuati in Fluati and h̪ɬaβit in Flabit.

Ndep'ati, Aiok
Period 10000BK-8000BK
Spoken in Nautli Island
Total speakers Proto-Fluati People
Writing system none
Classification Fluatian languages
Basic word order VOS
Morphology agglutinating-fusional
Created by vyndesskays



bilabial alveolar lateral palatal velar uvular glottal
Plosives plain ejective plain ejective plain ejective plain ejective
*p *p' *t *t' *k *k' *q *q'
Nasals *m *n
Fricatives *s *ʝ (*j) *h
Ingressive Fricatives *↓s *↓ɬ *↓ç (?) *↓h


Proto-Fluati seemed to have this vowel set: /i e a o/.

Syllabes Edit

Proto-Fluati has preserved the realization of all the three nucleus-vowels, in contrast to its daughter languages. All syllables have three vowels, the exact realization of the allophones is still unclear.

Syllable structure and glossing:

s>-t'iii    noee-seaep        n-teee-p'aoa-teii     aiok.
  2.Sg-speak 2sg.good-very     ADJ-falling-long-time Aiok

"You speak very well Old Aiok" 

Text Sample Edit

*K'aoen t'iiip niia t'ia s>taioŋ ʝiaid ʔaoek ɬk'aoin

'Lkaoin went for fishing, while having a canoe with her.'

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