Proto-Arctic Ulitan
Pronunciation /ʊlɪtan/
Period ca. 7000BK - 4000BK(?)
Spoken in Northern Amutet
Total speakers Unknown
Writing system None
Classification Ulitan
Basic word order SOV
Morphology isolating
Alignment  ?
Created by k1234567890y

The Proto-Arctic Ulitan language was the common ancestor of all Arctic-Ulitan languages, the Proto-Arctic Ulitan language itself was developed from the Proto-Ulitan language.

Proto-Arctic Ulitan was an unwritten language, its forms are reconstructed rather than attested.


labials dento-alveolars palatals velars
nasals *m *n
plosives *p *b *t *t' *d *k *k'
affricates *ts *ts' *dz
fricatives *s *x *ɣ
lateral fricatives
sonorants *r *l *j
  • It is possible that */x/ had an allophone [χ]
front back
high *i *i: *u *u:
mid *e *o
low *a

/ŋ/ is transcripted as <ng>, /ɬ/ is transcripted as <lh>, /j/ is transcripted as <y>


The basic word order of Proto-Arctic Ulitan was SOV. Also, it seems that it was an analytic language in terms of typology.



  • 1st sg: *tsa/ʋa
  • 2nd sg: *ra
  • 1st pl: *tsai
  • 2nd pl: *rai

interrogative: *ma


  • this: *tsi
  • that: *a
  • these: *tsi:
  • those: *ai
  • here: mui
  • there: ya

Example sentencesEdit

  • so tor mi atsi - the sun shines on the sky.

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