Pronunciation /amʊtεtɪkam/
Period ca. 10000BK - 7000BK
Spoken in Eastern Amutet
Total speakers Unknown
Writing system None
Classification Amutetikam
Basic word order VSO
Morphology Nonconcatenative
Alignment Accusative
Created by LawOfTheSeas
Map Proto-Amutetikam better

A map of the Urheimat of Proto-Amutetikam in 10,000BK.

The Proto-Amutetikam language is a reconstructed proto-language of the Amutetikam family which is agreed upon by many linguists. It was theorised to have existed on the Amutet continent for a good deal of history, and attracted a good few speakers (although exact numbers are unknown.) It is considered by historians and linguists to be the first language of the family, and was spoken by many Proto-Amutetikam people throughout the time from c10000BK to 7000BK.


The projected speaking of a recognisable form of Proto-Amutetikam began in around 10000BK, when the people of the original culture, known as the Wooden Tool culture, began forming into larger tribes and moving into other regions. Eventually, they settled in Amutet to become farmers and begin working into another age.

The Amutetikam people did tend to move about slightly often, but most of their artefacts are found on the Akelek River and thereabouts. Their tribal homelands are mostly small, and they sometimes split into many different tribes throughout their long history.

Little is known about their habits or even their language, since it is, of course, only a reproduction. However, many educated theories have been made surrounding their habits and tribes because of their projected vocabulary.


The reconstructed phonology of Proto-Amutetikam is given below.

Reconstructed Proto-Amutetikam consonant inventory.
  Bilabial Alveolar Palatal Glottal
Stops *p *pʰ *t *tʰ *k *kʰ
Nasals *m *m̥ *n *n̥
Sibilant Fricatives *s *sʰ
Liquids *l *j
Lateral Fricatives
Reconstructed Proto-Amutetikam vowel inventory.
Front Near Front Near Back
Low *a


The word order of Proto-Amutetikam is VSO.

To pluralize a noun, the word "ʔanεm", or "many" is added after the modified or unmodified noun.


Proto-Amutetikam had a Nonconcatenative morphology, and each root word had a specific template which they had to work by.


Proto-Amutetikam has evidence of both locative and essive cases, which created different words based on location, proximity or specification of dates. It has eight locative cases, and two essive cases. However, the changing of the Essive case is exactly the same as changing between the root word and 'on' with the locative.

Root Word in on at by touching under from of
Concept ʔaCεCaC ʔεCaCaC ʔɪCaCεC ʔɪCɪCεC ʔʊCεCaC ʔʊCʊCɪC ʔaCaCɪC ʔaCʊCεC ʔaCʊCεCɪkam
Tent/House ʔajεn̥at ʔεjan̥at ʔɪjan̥εt ʔɪjɪn̥εt ʔʊjεn̥at ʔʊjʊn̥ɪt ʔajan̥ɪt ʔajʊn̥εt ʔajʊn̥εtɪkam
River ʔatʰεtal ʔεtʰatal ʔɪtʰatεl ʔɪtʰɪtεl ʔʊtʰεtal ʔʊtʰʊtɪl ʔatʰatɪl ʔatʰʊtεl ʔatʰʊtεlɪkam
Amutet ʔamεtat ʔεmatat ʔɪmatεt ʔɪmɪtεt ʔʊmεtat ʔʊmʊtɪt ʔamatɪt ʔamʊtεt ʔamʊtεtɪkam
Root Word At this time
Monday ʔatεlal ʔɪtalεl
First month ʔakεtʰam ʔɪkatʰεm


Verbs also have two modifiers for the root - one for the telacity of the verb, and one for the tense.

Root Word Success No success Mediocre success
Concept CaCaC CεCεC CɪCεC CɪCʊC
To do kʰatan kʰεtεn kʰɪtεn kʰɪtʊn
Past Present Future Hypothetical
Concept CaCaCat CaCaC CaCaCap CaCaCam
To do kʰatanat kʰatan kʰatanap kʰatanam



Spear - ʔatεnas - ʔtns

Fish – ʔatʰεkam - ʔtʰkm

Water - ʔapεnal - ʔpnl

Canoe - ʔapʰεtak - ʔpʰtk

Bow - ʔakεtan - ʔktn

Arm - ʔakʰεsas - ʔkhʰss

Knife - ʔamεnas - ʔmns

Lightning - ʔam̥εtas - ʔm̥ts

Farming tool - ʔanεkas - ʔnks

An edible bush - ʔan̥εlal - ʔn̥ll

Eye - ʔasεtʰan - ʔstʰn

Shield - ʔasʰεlath - ʔsʰlt

Tent/House - ʔajεn̥at - ʔjn̥t

A type of stringed instrument - ʔalεsʰan - ʔlsʰn

Winter - ʔakεpas - ʔkps

Summer - ʔasʰεlas - ʔsʰls

Sneeze - ʔasʰεsaʔ - ʔsʰsʔ

Word - ʔatεlap - ʔtlp

Mountain - ʔakʰεlat - ʔkʰlt

Agreement - ʔatεtan - ʔttn

A judge of character - ʔapʰεtal - ʔpʰtl

Chief of a tribe - ʔakεtʰat - ʔktʰt

Tribe - ʔakεtʰam - ʔktʰm

High chief of a tribe - ʔakεtʰat ʔas - ʔktʰt ʔs

High tribe - ʔakεtʰam ʔas - ʔktʰm ʔs

King of a kingdom - ʔakεmat - ʔkmt

Kingdom - ʔakεmam - ʔkmm

Emperor of an empire - ʔakʰεjat - ʔkʰjt

Empire - ʔakʰεjam - ʔkʰjm

Stick - ʔaʔεtan - ʔʔtn

Dog - ʔanεpʰal - ʔnpʰl

Moment - ʔatεtak - ʔttk

Thing - ʔakεmas - ʔkms

Good day – malεtal – mltl

Bad day – palεtal – pltl

Day - ʔalεtal - ʔltl

Young mindedness (noobishness) - ʔanεpas - ʔnps

Brother - ʔakεtal - ʔktl

Sister - ʔatεkal - ʔtkl

Clothes - kʰakεtal

Blue - ʔakεnal

Right hand - napʰεtal

Left hand - napʰεtak

River - ʔatʰεtal - ʔtʰtl


Me/I - ʔakʰεnal - ʔkʰnl

You (singular) – mamεnal - mmnl

Proper Nouns:

Amutet - ʔamεtat - ʔmtt


To do - kʰatan

To judge – tʰaman̥

To be – nalam

To join - najat

To think - shapʰan

To know - ɬatal

To walk - ɬapat

To love - ʔajal

To prophesy - ʔakʲal


Wrong - tɪn̥at

Sorry – napat

Blessed – matεl

Useless - katʰεt

Left – ak

Right - al


Also - ʔatan

How - ʔapal


Hooray – ʔalεtalamʊl (lit. On good days)

Yes - ʔakʰɪs

No - maɬεt

Thank you - ʔalaʲεt


For - pʰalas

Sound Changes from Proto-Amutetikam-Tiledem Edit

Vowel Changes Part 1
ǝ > a / _Cu
V > Ø / _#

Vowel Changes Part 2
ǝ > ε
i > ɪ
ɯ > ɪ
u > ʊ

Consonant Changes
tɕ > s
tɕʰ > sʰ
ɕ > j
n > l
nt > n
ntʰ > ɬ
ntɕ, ntɕʰ > j
ŋ, ŋk > n
ŋkʰ > n̥
mp > m
mpʰ > m̥
h > ʔ / #_
ɹ > j

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