Port Eastsand

location of Port Eastsand

Port Eastsand is a small town of the Kingdom of 'Agjʊlεkh, it was once a major port of Amutet, but the population has declined significantly in recent centuries.

Port Eastsand is the homeland of the ethnic group Eastsanders.

Despite having been ruled by the Amutetikam Kingdom 'Agjʊlεkh for almost 1000 years, there is still a significant number of Ulitan speakers living in Port Eastsand and its surrounding areas. Continental Uraki, an Ulitan language, is a major language of Port Eastsand, and Port Eastsand is an important center for Ulitan-speaking minorities in the kingdom of 'Agjʊlεkh, especially for speakers of Continental Uraki.


Port Eastsand was built in about 500 BK by the Kingdom of Nanarulamut, they built the town of Port Eastsand to be a political center of their new-conquered lands in the mainland of Amutet.

In about 30 AK, in the east of Port Eastsand where Amutetikam-speaking peoples live, King 'Egjεlatɪsham I founded a new country called 'Agjʊlεkh, the Kingdom of 'Agjʊlεkh soon became a major threat of the Kingdom of Nanarulamut, and many of the territories of the Kingdom of Nanarulamut in the mainland of Amutet were conquered by the Kingdom of 'Agjʊlεkh, after a pact between the Kingdom of 'Agjʊlεkh and the Kingdom of Nanarulamut had been signed, the Kingdom of Nanarulamut became a vassal state of the Kingdom of 'Agjʊlεkh, and Port Eastsand became the last stronghold of the Kingdom of Nanarulamut in the mainland of Amutet.

In about 1100 AK, the Kingdom of 'Agjʊlεkh waged a war against the Kingdom of Nanarulamut, trying to completely conquer the Kingdom of Nanarulamut, although the Kingdom of 'Agjʊlεkh was defeated by the army led by Kuminah the Army-Breaker when they tried to take over the Bawim islands, the Kingdom of 'Agjʊlεkh still managed to take over Port Eastsand, and after that time, Port Eastsand became a part of the Kingdom of 'Agjʊlεkh until now.