Old Western Zana is a language that was once spoken on the Nautli Island.

Old Western Zana
Pronunciation [sɛnɛ]
Period 4000BK - 3000BK
Spoken in Nautli Islands
Total speakers Zana people
Writing system none
Classification Nautli languages
Basic word order unknown
Morphology agglutinating
Alignment nom-acc
Created by Creyeditor

Phonology Edit

Sound Inventories Edit

The consonant inventory of Old Western Zana is rather small and symetric. There is no phonemic voicing distinction. Allophones are in square brackets, orthography is in angle brackets.

Consonant inventory of Old Western Zana
Bilabial Alveolar Velar Glottal
Plosives b ⟨b⟩ t ⟨t⟩ [d] ⟨d⟩ k ⟨k⟩ [g] ⟨g⟩
Nasals m ⟨m⟩ n ⟨n⟩ ŋ ⟨ng⟩
Fricatives s ⟨s⟩ [z] h ⟨h⟩
Laterals l ⟨l⟩
Trills [r] ⟨r⟩

The vowel inventory is identical to that of Ancient Zana, although there were some changes in individual words.

front central back
high tense i ⟨í⟩ u ⟨ú⟩
high lax ɪ ⟨i⟩ ʊ ⟨u⟩
mid tense e ⟨é⟩ o ⟨ó⟩
mid lax ɛ ⟨e⟩ ɔ ⟨o⟩
low tense ɐ ⟨á⟩
low lax a ⟨a⟩ [ɑ] [ɒ]

Phonotactic Constraints Edit

The phonology of Old Western Zana features some rather odd phonotactic constraints.

  • /b/ can only occur intervocally (see also the allophony section)
  • /h/ cannot occur intervocally
  • Only mid vowels can occur in between nasal consonants

Allophonic Edit

Here is a list of some phonological processes in Old Western Zana.

  • Obstruents are voiced intervocalically.
  • /l/ is [r] before a vowel.
  • /a/ is [ɑ] when adjacent to velars and [ɒ] when adjacent to bilabials.

Morphology Edit

The noun morphology of Old Western Zana consists of several declension classes. The following example is of the 'nasal class'.

Singular Plural
Nominative rásén rásénók
Accusative ráséné rásénól
Instrumental rásénéngé rásénké
Dative rásénésé rásénóngízé
Oblique rásénénnó rásénókrú

The genitive case of Ancient Zana merged with the locative case into an oblique case.

Lexicon Edit

cat - PN:*lxejeen - rásén

female worker - PN:*jăngvi 'daughter - sengo

disease - PN:*qong: 'death' - óng

dog - PN:*jikvò - sigo

hand - PN:*pèlik 'finger' - helik

fire - PN:*olxes - órás

freeze - PN:*neen - nén