Old Central Zana is a language that was once spoken on Nautli Island. It is a direct descendant of Ancient Zana.

Old Central Zana
Pronunciation [zana]
Period 4000BK - 3000BK
Spoken in Nautli Islands
Total speakers Zana people
Writing system none
Classification Nautli languages
Basic word order unknown
Morphology agglutinating/synthetic
Alignment nom-acc
Created by Creyeditor

Phonology Edit

The consonant phoneme inventory of Old Central Zana includes a voicing distinction and post-alveolar consonants.

Labial Alveolar Palatal Velar
Nasals m n ɲ ⟨ñ⟩ ŋ
Plosives p b t d tʃ dʒ ⟨c j⟩ k g
Fricatives f v s z ʃ ʒ ⟨š ž⟩
Approximants l j ⟨y⟩

The vowel inventory is identical to that of Ancient Zana. The vowel harmony was extended however.

front central back
high tense i u
high lax ɪ ʊ
mid tense e o
mid lax ɛ ɔ
low tense ɐ
low lax a

Vowel Harmony now also considers the front-back distinction, /a/ and /ɐ/ sometimes beeing neutral and sometimes back. It is a right to left harmony in this aspect, while the tense-lax harmony is still root-controlled.

Morphology Edit

Old Central Zana has merged the instrumental and the dative case of ancient Zana.

NOM -(n)Ok
ACC -I /-l -(nOl)
GEN -Ul -U
DAT -Ij -(n)EjIž
LOC -lU -(n)OklU

Lexicon Edit

cat - PN:*lxejeen - lážín, lážúnók (pl)

woman - PN:*jăngvi 'daughter' - vamu

cold, flu - PN:*qong 'death' - áng

dog - PN:*jikvò - žug

arm - PN:*pèlik 'finger' - peyik

freeze - PN:*neen - ñín

wing - PN:*vèstu 'arm' - ostu

chief - PN:*vòqvă - oo

center, core - PN:*qvikăh 'heart' - og

weed - PN:*nxaroo 'grass' - nál

language - PN:*jănxă - zana

be abel to - PN:*hèjă 'to see' - ez

time - PN*nxasx 'sun' - nas

upwards - PN*srajako 'sky' - sázág

female animal - PN:*éngô 'woman' - ómó

river, stream - PN:*paleeng 'water' - páyíng

lizard, dragon - PN:*ratxa 'lizard' - ládá

male animal - PN:*pxahtan 'man' - padan

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