Old Caraamutu
Pronunciation Unknown
Period ca. 2500BK - 800BK
Spoken in Ziigakuri
Total speakers Unknown
Writing system Unknown
Classification Caayukuri
Basic word order SOV
Morphology Agglutinative
Alignment Accusative
Created by Kawdek

Old Caraamutu is the archaic form of Caraamutu used before the era of Classical Caraamutu, which would become the dominant language within the Caayukuri Isles. It was spoken from about 2500BK to 800BK, where it would gradually evolve into the various Caraamutu dialects.




Old Caraamutu Consonant Inventory
Labial Apical/Dental Laminal/Palatal Apicoalveolopalatal Velar
Nasal m n ŋ
Plosive/Affricative p b t̺ (t) d̺ (d) ts̻ (ts) dz̻ (z) tɕ (c) dʑ (j) k g
Fricative ɸ (f) s̻ (s) s̻ (x)
Approximant ʋ (w) ɹ (r) j (y)
Old Caraamutu Vowel Inventory
Front Central Back
High i ii u uu
Mid e ee o oo
Low a aa

The syllable structure of Old Caraamutu is C(A)V(S), where A represents any approximant and S represents either an approximant or nasal. As most if not all roots and forms that are cognate to other Caayukuri languages are of the structure CV(A), it is likely that this syllable structure is influenced by either the Latian languages or some of the Ular Dialects.


Personal Pronouns
Singular Plural
First Person jaa, aŋu, ran jaari, aŋwen
Second Person jitsu, cii jitsuri, uyan
Third Person Animate tuu tuuri
Third Person Inanimate bira biima
Case Affixes

Old Caraamutu


-0, -ja (emphatic) nominative
-(y)e oblique
-n, -mu genitive/ablative
-bi, -mi instrumental
-ko comitative
-ru locative
-ta allative
Old Caraamutu Translation
kusa one
bisa two
tsuro three
cari four
ŋuci five
rinu six
fuja seven
guxi eight
jano nine
goru ten


Old Caraamutu Translation
kuu man
naa woman
boro child
kaa person, man
you tribe, people
cigu animal
waitsu wild animal, beast
tsuru bird
birau large fish
naimu small fish
zoubii insect
kofau monkey
kuri land, earth
xaŋu sea, ocean
birai beach, shore
caa stone, rock
jirou metal
deigo great, large
pikwo little, small
rau potent, strong (quality)