Naynah Lamit

an example of a Naynah Lamit of Modern Era(ca. 2010 AK). She is also a military personnel, served in the marine of Nanarulamutland as a combat diver

Naynah lamits(lit: Sea Girl) are female divers of the Nanarulamuts, they dive beneath the sea to collect sea jewelry like pearls, corals and some kinds of precious sea food like sea cucumbers and sell them in the market to make a living. Naynah lamits are very professional divers, an experienced naynah lamit can hold her breath underwater for several minutes.

Traditionally, males don't become divers, only females become divers, and in most villages by the sea, almost every female has some diving skills, and ironically, most male fishers of the Nanarulamuts don't know how to swim and are needed to be saved by their wives, sisters and daughters when they are drown. It is thought that naynah lamits have greatly inspired the legends of mermaids in Amutet.

Usually, full-time naynah lamits are girls under 20 years old, females older than 25 rarely work as full-time naynah lamit, but occasionally, some females continue to be full-time divers to support the family even after they are married.

Traditionally, naynah lamits wore a speical kind of robe when diving, but nowadays, thanks to the advent of technology, most naynah lamits wear wetsuits/drysuits, fins and diving gears when diving into the sea.

It is thought that naynah lamits only appeared after the arrival of Nanarulamuts, before the Nanarulamuts had appeared, no evidence shows that there were anything similar to the naynah lamits in the Bawim Islands area.

It is known that the military units of Nanarulamutland heavily rely on the experiences of naynah lamits to train combat divers, many combat divers of Nanarulamutland have an experience of working as naynah lamits, and thus there are frogwomen rather than frogmen in the military units of Nanarulamutland as of 2000 AK, most combat divers of the military units of Nanarulamutland are female.