The Nautli Forest Dog (Ancient Zana: Ziko) is a species of predators endemic to the Nautlic Island.

Description Edit

Their head-body length is 1m, shoulder height is 50cm and their tail usually about 25cm long. They have relatively short legs, an oblong body and a short snout. Their head also features small round ears and their webbed paws are rather flat. The colour of their fur ranges from black over red to light brown, the fur of younger animals however is always darker than that of adults.

Distribution Edit

The Nautli forest dog is endemic to the Nautlic Island. It is found near the Paling River and the [fixme] river. Even though the population is usually focused in the forst area, if needed it can also migrate into the the grasslands.

Behavior Edit

Forest dogs usually hunt in small packs during the day. They are carnivores; their typical prey are small rodents and birds. Since they can also swim, they often hunt near rivers, or even inside of them for fish. Their hunting behaviour is very strategic.

Domestication Edit

Forest Dogs were domesticated very early in Nautli history. That may be the reason why they also play a role in the mythology of some people in Nautli. In ancient days dogs were often used as guides. There is even a phrase 'follow the dog', which simply means 'follow your nose'.