Mug Thaw

Mũg thăw red marked and in original writing

Mũg thăw was the capital of the old Ular Empire.


The name of the city was consisted out of the Proto-Ular roots *mk (town) and *tʰw (big), so literally the town's name is big city. Inofficially, it was also often called múk thăw, which meant dirty city: In the ancient world, the city was known very well as a hotbed of sin.


The city was founded about 5500BK and so is one of the oldest ones on Teles. It's area is about 100 kilometres away from the suspected urheimat of the Ular people.

About 5200BK, the old Ular tribe community changed into an empery, so the emperor needed a big palace, which was built in Mũg thăw, one of three Ular cities at this time, and the biggest (where the name came from). After the coronation, the population spread fast from 8,000 (5200) over 30,000 (5000) to it's maximum point of 150,000 in 4700BK. In this city, some early points of science, like astronomy, mathematics and linguistics were practiced, so it's also the origin of the Ular writing system.