The long tailed tree cat (Ancient Zana: Lázín) is a small predator endemic to the Nautlic Islands.

Description Edit

The long tailed tree cat ranges from 40 to 65 cm plus a tail of of 30 to 40 cm. It has relatively large front paws and sleek rounded ears. The legs are rather long, while the eyes are big and the head is short.

The fur is usually reddish with black and white stripes. The general appearance is slender and agile.

Distribution Edit

The long tailed tree cats is found in the Atlantic Forest of on all three Nautlic Islands. It is almost never found in other areas.

Behavior Edit

The long tailed tree cat usually lives on trees and is a nocturnal, solitary hunter and spends the day on higher trees. Their prey included long tailed climbing mice and Nautli squirrels. It is a very skilled climber and therefore it is almost never seen on the ground

Mythology Edit

In Nautli folklore and mythology the long tailed tree cat usually occurs as an evil and mysterious enemy.