Late Northwestern Zempachi is a language of the Zempachi peoples, it belongs to the Zempachi language family. Linguists believe that it is spoken around 1500-1000 BK.

Except from several words, not much is known about Late Northwestern Zempachi.

Known wordsEdit

words listed below are transcripted with IPA:

  • I/me: *ʔan-
  • he/she/it: *k-/ga-
  • sun: *lurza-
  • moon: *salza-
  • gold: *ʔad-
  • three: *ktad-~*ktat-
  • four: *bgu-
  • five: *kalba-
  • seven: *bgada-
  • deity: *xaza-
  • time/season: *sam-
  • dog: *ktna-~*kna-
  • stone: *kaf-
  • land/ground: *zgan-
  • field/farm: *sana-
  • bridge: *igza-
  • give/sacrifice: *lanɣ-~lank-
  • people: *ftu-
  • whale: *hmad-~*hmat-

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