Jibo Bears are domesticated brown bears, they were first kept by some speakers of Northland Ulitan languages, but they have been spread to other peoples of the eastern Amutet.

The word "Jibo" is thought to be the word for "bear" in Proto-Northland Ulitan language, the corresponding words in other languages are thought to be borrowed from the Proto-Northland Ulitan languages or some of its descents, and it is thought that this word has become the name for the jibo bear in several other languages.

Traditionally, bears are hard to domasticate, it is thought that speakers of Northland Ulitan languages were lucky that they captured some especially tamed brown bears and kept them, it is also thought that ancient Ulitan peoples had a ritual bear sacrifice in which home-raised bears that had been mature enough were killed in a ceremony.

Jibo bears are mainly kept for their meat, but they are also kept for transportation and entertainment, and also for their furs, it is known that jibo bears were also used by some countries in warfare to attack the enemies.

being domestic animals, jibo bear are much less aggressive than other bears, however, they can still become aggressive by giving proper stimuli, that's why they can be used for entertainment and warfare.