Inahiru was a bodyguard of Kuminah the Army-Breaker, she was the leader of the group of "Naynah Hetah", the all-girl group of guards of Kuminah.

Inahiru is one year younger than Kuminah, and like Kuminah, Inahiru had a fair pale skin, a cute and physically attractive face, a slim body and brown eyes, but the hair of Inahiru was short, Inahiru wore a bob cut with bangs, as most maidservants of that time.

Inahiru was very loyal to Kuminah, she protected Kuminah at all costs. Kuminah's army was once sieged by a group of army, to save Kuminah, Inahiru led the bodyguards fighting against the enemy to let Kuminah have time and ways to escape, although Inahiru and most of the bodyguards eventually survived, Inahiru was seriously injured and she took several weeks to recover.

After knowing that Kuminah was framed and executed, Inahiru was very sad, she was so sad that she eventually died of her sadness.

It is thought that Kuminah and Inahiru had a same-sex romantic relationship towards each other, however, some people denied such a claim.