Huks (Classical Ulitan: huk; Proto-Ulitan: su:k; pronunciation: /huːk/, not /hʌk/) were mammoth-like animals that lived in the Northern Amutet.

Huks were very large animals; an average adult huk could grow to about 5 meters in height, and could weigh over 10 tonnes.

Huks were herbivore animals, mainly eating grass and buds and green leaves of trees, and sometimes also berries. This notwithstanding, they were very strong due to their enormous size, and were therefore dangerous to hunters. It is said that huks were considered as one of the most dangerous animals in the Amutet continent.

It is known that Ulitan peoples hunted huks extensively before they adopted farming, and even after the age of civilization had begun, the animals were prized for their tusks.

In Amutetikam FolkloreEdit

A good deal of Amutetikam myth and folklore about the North is surrounding Huks, but they are called by the more Amutetikinazed name of atεlasɪk. The common folk story of the Afatɪkas saga, known as Afatɪkas and the Atεlasɪk describes Afatɪkas' adventure to the far north, where he encounters a 'large wooly creature', possibly a Huk, which he is forced to bring down and kill.

A map from the Early Modern era also contains evidence of Amutetikam knowledge of huks, since it mentions the phrase; 'Be here Atεlasɪk'.