Hedgemelon is a kind of plant found in the mangroves of south Amalan, including the shores of Ular and the Ytdobogȧn Peninsula.

Hedgemelon fruits grow on trees and can float on water.

The colour of a hedgemelon fruit is green, the shape of the fruit is ellipsoid and the average length of the fruit is about 10 cm long; the tree can grow up to about 3-5 meters in height.

The fruit of the hedgemelon is edible, and very sweet at that. Because of its taste, it is considered as a delicacy, but there are numerous small spikes on the peel of the fruit. These spikes are very stiff, and are difficult to remove by hand since they can pierce human skin.

Hedgemelons are rarely planted, although they are easy to grow and are very adaptive to various environments.