Great Whale Island

Location of the Great Whale Island

The Great Whale Island(Late Central Zempachi: Kihanamu Humay Gaza), also called the Dragonphoenix Island, is an island located in the west Amutet, it is mainly inhabited by the Akur peoples.

As of 2010 AK, the largest city of the Great Whale Island is the Sisamu City, located in the county of Sisamu of the province of Zunganda.

The Great Whale Island is named after the whales living around the island, and it is thought that Akur peoples translated the name of the island into their own languages from the Late Central Zempachi language, which is believed to be once spoken on the island.

Being on the intersection of tectonic plates, earthquake is a major disastor of the Great Whale Island, Volcano eruption is also common on the Great Whale Island, thus the Great Whale Island is also informally called as the "The Land of Fire", "The Land of Earthquake" and so on. People living on the Great Whale Island traditionally believe that the earthquake is caused by a giant whale living beneath the island, when the whale is angry or wants to breathe, it causes earthquake.

It is believed that The Great Whale Island was first inhabited by the Zempachi peoples, but after the collapse of the Zempachi civilization, Akur peoples and some tribes of the Handapachis invaded the island, eventually the Akur peoples became the major population on the island and all Handapachi tribes and the remaining Zempachi population on the island were assimilated to the Akur peoples, becoming a part of Akur peoples living on the island.

Evidence shows that the Zempachi People of the Great Whale Island spoke Late Central Zempachi, and might call themselves as Bətu Zurangaha("The Zurangaha people") or Bətu Pusaw("The Pusaw people"), although these names were almost exclusively used by aristocrats of Kihan Durisa, and there were at least two Zempachi kingdoms on the island: Kihan Durisa and Kihan Kuka.

Place names on the island are believed to relate to the Zempachi languages, moreover, "Mampun"(or "Mampon"), the common word for greeting used by people living on the Great Whale Island, is also supposed to be of Zempachi origin.

The swords forged by smiths living on the Great Whale Island, known as Humaygaza Swords, is famous for being one of the swords with the best quality in Teles, and swords were one of the major exports of the Great Whale Island before the use of firearms became widespread, despite that Zempachi peoples were pioneers of Ironworking, the technique of forging Humaygaza Swords was invented by North Akur peoples, and besides the Akur peoples of the Great Whale Island, other groups of North Akur peoples were also famous for their techniques forging high-quality swords.