Fish River Languages are a branch of Western Ulitan languages, they are scattered the region of Fish River, most of the communities speaking Fish River Languages are dialect islands surrounded by communities speaking Amutetikam Languages, and thus Fish River Languages are heavily influenced by Amutetikam Languages.

All Fish River languages are supposed to evolve from the Old Fish River language.


In Fish River Languages, the original Ulitan ejectives have merged with their corresponding voiced plosives.

Unlike other Ulitan languages, Fish River Languages use prepositions rather than postpositions, Fish River Languages are the only Ulitan languages that use prepositions. Also, Fish River Languages are outliers among Western Ulitan languages in that they don't have marked nominative.

Also, among Fish River Languages, North Fish River Languages still use the SOV order common with all other Ulitan languages; while South Fish River Languages developed non-SOV word order, notably Uraki languages, which are subbranches of South Fish River Languages, have completely shifted to VO word orders(mainly SVO, VSO can also be seen in Continental Uraki).