Fish river

The river in the red circle is the Fish River.

Fish River is a major river of Amutet.

Originally, the lower reach of the Fish River was dewelled by the Ndukhal peoples, the Amutetikam-speaking Afetak peoples, and the upper reach of the Fish River was dewelled by the Tingwe-speaking peoples and Tiledem-speaking peoples, and later many of them were assimilated to Ulitan-speaking peoples from the north.

Before the rise of the Kingdom of 'Agjʊlεkh, the Fish River area was primary dewelled by kingdoms of Ulitan-speaking peoples, but after the expansion of the Kingdom of 'Agjʊlεkh, they were largely replaced by Amutetikam-speaking peoples, and as a result of the expansion of Amutetikam-speaking peoples, there are only several Ulitan-speaking communities in the fish river area, surrounded by Amutetikam-speaking communities.