Chiki-chiki birds are large flightless birds native to Amutet, with populations throughout much of the continent. The name "chiki-chiki" is thought to be derived from the Handapachi language, probably of onomatopoeic origin.

Chiki-chiki birds are yellowish white and resemble young chickens, but they are much larger. The height of an average adult chiki-chiki bird can reach 2 meters high. There are few birds in Amutet larger than an adult chiki-chiki..

Chiki-chiki birds are omnivorous, mainly feeding on grass and berries, but they also eat some invertebrates.

Chiki-chiki birds show little sexual dimorphism. It is difficult for human beings to distinguish male and female chiki-chiki birds.

Although chiki-chiki birds live in groups and are cautious to threats, they are generally harmless to humans and are easy targets to hunt.

It is known that the chiki-chiki has been sucessfully domesticated in some areas, with most surviving groups descended from these birds. Wild populations are very few in number, and these groups may have gone extinct.