This is the land area of the Atrisa at 406 AK. Mauve is West Akur and Yellow is North Akur. At this point in time, South Akur was partitioned between West and North Akur

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The "Atrisa", or Atrisan Empire, would be an amalgam of the two regional powers of Akuri Peninsula, the West Akuri Confederacy and the North Akuri League. Soon, after its creation in 406 AK, the Empire would launch a massive invasion of the Tungwani continent, and would mandate the use of Akuri languages during this time period. It wouldn't be able to keep this extraneous territories, which would fall back to Tungwani forces in 521 AK. During this time period, South Akurigai languages would be lost completely. The Atrisa would fall in 1025 AK.