Distribution of Amutetikam Sea Assassinators

range of amutetikam sea assassinator

An Amutetikam sea assassinator is a marine hydrozoan of the order Siphonophora found in the ocean of Teles.

Like Portuguese man o' war on the Earth, the body of an amutetikam sea assassinator is formed by several types of polyps, each type of polyps has its special function, and the polyps are unable to live independently, they must depend on other types of polyps to survive.

Amutetikam sea assassinators are carnivorous, they typically feed on small fish and plankton.

the bodies of amutetikam sea assassinators are transparent, it is hard to see them from a naked eye.

Despite having a body size only up to 30 cm in length, the venom of amutetikam sea assassinators is deadly, the venom of an amutetikam sea assassinator can kill an average adult of human being if not being treated.