ǂaa Uteq
Pronunciation [ǂaː ˈuteq]
Geographic distribution Northeastern and Central Amutet
Linguistic classification ǂaa Uteq
Proto Language Proto-ǂaa Uteq
Subdivisions Northern ǂaa Uteq

Central ǂaa Uteq
Eastern ǂaa Uteq
Western ǂaa Uteq

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The ǂaa Uteq languages are a collection of languages scattered throughout central and northeastern Amutet. They are notable in part for their inclusion of click consonants.


Suspected Urheimat of the ǂaa Uteq (red) in eastern Amutet, in comparison to the Proto-Amutetikam Urheimat (light green, bottom) and that of Proto-Ulitan (olive, top)


The Proto-ǂaa Uteq language is believed to have been spoken around 10000 BK, in northeastern Amutet. Evidence exists for their interaction with speakers of Proto-Ulitan and Proto-Amutetikam.


  • Northern ǂaa Uteq
  • Central ǂaa Uteq
  • Eastern ǂaa Uteq
  • Western ǂaa Uteq